Placemaking Week Europe 2019 is just around the corner. What to look forward to?

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Placemaking Week Europe 2019 is Europe´s biggest festival celebrating the impact of placemaking on the urban fabric. More than 400 placemakers, architects, urban planners, civic servants, politicians, economists, developers, from Europe and beyond will gather in Valencia from June 12th to June 15th, to share best practice, exchange ideas, and discuss how we can collectively make our cities safer, more inclusive and more sustainable.

This year, host of the event is La Marina de Valencia and the five main themes are:

(1) Placemaking for Innovation

(2) Creative Bureaucracy

(3) Open-source sharing from placemaking practice

(4) Future-proof cities through placemaking

(5) Waterfront cities

Placemaking Week Europe 2019 will feature interactive workshops, presentations, tours, exhibitions, outdoor film screenings, lighter-quicker-cheaper interventions and many more. Here is a sneak peak into the activities that will be open to the public during the days of the festival:

Wednesday, June 12 〈20:00 – 22:00〉 Terrace of La Base

Open air keynotes

Moderator: Vivian Doumpa (STIPO)

Introduction of main organizers: Charles Landry (Creative Bureaucracy), Jeroen Laven (STIPO), Ramon Marrades (La Marina de València)

Welcome by Joan Ribó (Mayor of Valencia)

Introductory panel: Fred Kent (PPS), William Dufourcq (Aurore Association), Paloma Medina (Sound Diplomacy), Nate Storring (PPS), Margie Caust (Creative Bureaucracy)

Wednesday, June 12 〈22:00 – 23:00〉 Terrace of La Base

Open air movie screening (with subtitles): “Social life of small urban spaces” by William H. Whyte


Thursday, June 13 〈20:00 – 22:00〉 Terrace of La Base

Open air keynotes:

Moderator: Jeroen Laven (STIPO)

Panel 1: Future of work cities, places, communities, and governments: Florian Ranft (Das Progressive Zentrum), Will Strong (Autonomy), Rozina Spinnoy (BIDS Belgium)

Panel 2: Global Placemaking and its Future: Ethan Kent (PlacemakingX), Guillermo Bernal (PlacemakingX), Jia Ping Lee (Think City), Ronny L Jalkh (CLG)

Panel 3: Next steps from the movement, place governance and systemic change: Ethan Kent (PPS), Sheila Foster (Co-City Project), Charlot Schans (STIPO)

Thursday, June 13 〈22:00 – 23:00〉 Terrace of La Base

Open air movie screening (with subtitles): “2KM2” by Carel van Hees and Andre van der Hout


Friday, June 14 〈20:00 – 22:00〉 Terrace of La Base

Open air keynotes:

Placemaking Spain (en Castellano): Chema Segovia (La Marina de València), Paco González (UOC), Irene Reig Alberola (Carpe Via), Sergio Rodríguez (Luces de Barrio), Basurama

Friday, June 14 〈22:00 – 23:00〉 Terrace of La Base

Open air movie screening (with subtitles): “Visages Villages” by Agnés Varda and JR


Saturday, June 15 〈18:00 – 19:00〉 Terrace of La Base

Farewell by the Board of Placemaking Europe and Charles Landry (Creative Bureaucracy)

Saturday, June 15 〈19:00 – 23:30〉 Terrace of La Base

Closing party: Placemaking Electronic